PPS Resourcing is a dedicated solution that can help support your organisation’s resourcing needs in an efficient and effective manner.

We can help you find the best project management and planning resources available to help your business thrive.  We are able to source highly experienced individuals who can join your company either as a permanent resource or on a contract basis.

With years of experience, Project Plan Services (PPS) will ensure the right resources are matched to your business requirements. Whether for short term or longer term engagements, PPS can help you find individuals to join your business permanently or to assist on specific projects over a contract period only.

We have built a network of trusted professionals so we can ensure that the individuals proposed for your business are the best fit for your company.


Professional Planners who will help coordinate one or more projects and implement robust planning and reporting standards in order to drive delivery

Planning Consultants​

Experienced business change consultants who can review and optimise your business and work management processes, tools and staff training

Planning Managers​

Senior Planning Managers who can proactively lead and manage a planning function in your organisation, typically responsible for overall planning standards and reporting across dozens of projects

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