PPS assist Lovair with Project control and reporting

PPS have recent completed a project for Lovair, a global company with over 20 years of experience in supplying the construction industry and architectural practices with unique washroom fittings.

PPS were approached by Lovair initially in relation to their interest in Smartsheet however after their requirements became more understood it was decided to deliver a bespoke app which enabled multiple data records to be assigned against individual projects.  The challenge for Lovair was to build a tracking mechanism for their portfolio of projects that would allow for multiple designs, product mixes and production effort time slips to be associated with each piece of work.  The completed app included the ability for everyone involved in the project to view and work with the information through the web interface.  Sales-people , Designers, Production staff and Management can all collaborate within the solution.

Murray Boyt of Lovair commented “We won’t see benefits immediately – it will be a couple of months before we get tangible benefits” but he said of PPS  “they are quick, helpful and understanding” and Lovair would recommend PPS again to other companies.