“After our engagement from Project Plan Services, we are in a much better position to run efficient and effective projects”  Chris Wilson Head of Change Vaultex


PPS understands that our services are purchased for a number of different reasons and we must deal with all customers in an honest and completely transparent manner, treating them as individual cases.  We will only ever recommend the right solution for a specific customer and we will always be completely transparent so that there are never any hidden costs.  We will work to an agreed schedule and will always be up front and honest about any unforeseen delays in our service provision.


Everyone who works for PPS has an unwavering passion for the impact effective project planning can have on an organisation.  However we are also aware that sometimes our clients do not share the passion for the process, only for the results it delivers.  With this in mind we always try to communicate the end impact of what our work will mean to our clients.  We also try to avoid using too much industry jargon which may be our everyday language but means nothing to anyone without a project planning background.


We want to make project planning solutions not only affordable to large corporates but also to the SME market, where effective solutions can create an almost immediate impact on the performance and profitability of a company.  We endeavour to offer the best value possible by keeping our internal overhead to a minimum.


Quality is so important to us, with everyone.  Quality service breeds trust and forges strong long term relationships.  We want to work with clients, associates and suppliers for many years to come so we are consistent in how we deal with anyone who engages with PPS in any capacity. We will always look to tailor solutions for individual clients rather than a “one size fits all” approach.  In order to do this we must take time to understand the client, pay attention to detail, thoroughly research and test and be careful not to rush the process.

Continuous Improvement

We are always striving to improve what we do as a business, so we can always offer the best advice to our clients.  We are always looking for ways to do things better where everyone benefits from the improvement.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry and we will always keep updated on the latest changes in technology, thinking and best practice so that our clients stay informed.  We will also continually benchmark our services to ensure that we are competitively priced within the industry.