Optimizing planning for Vaultex IT

Vaultex is the UK’s leading cash processor who deliver best-in-class integrated cash management for their customers. Retailers and other businesses rely on Vaultex to count their cash with the highest level of accuracy and settle their customer accounts as swiftly as possible. Vaultex store cash in highly secure environments before returning it to circulation.

Working to standards set by the Bank of England and the Note Circulation Scheme, Vaultex deliver leading cash management services for their customers. Vaultex continue to expand their product portfolio to create value for customers, delivering new services from coin extraction to an end-to-end managed service.

PPS Project Plan Services were approached by Vaultex in spring 2015 to assist them with their existing configuration of Microsoft Project Server and the associated business processes to support optimized planning and resource management.

This is what Chris Wilson, Head of Change at Vaultex had to say..

“After joining Vaultex as Head of Change, I inherited a MS Project Server 2010 environment that had been in place for approximately three years, and was being universally used by all project managers to store plans. However, it became quickly apparent that the collaborative aspects of projects were not served well by the way Project Server was being used, and almost no value was being derived from linking plans together as part of programmes, or collaborating around the sharing of resources in the Resource Pool. More worryingly, beyond just one or two individuals who knew the potential of application, the perceptions of its usefulness were very low, and Project Managers saw the application as a hindrance to performing their jobs. Vaultex had tried and failed to improve the configuration and use of the application on three previous occasions, but mainly due to the partner companies worked with, little headway was made.

What stood out about Project Plan Services was just how well they understood that the key factor in success was the ability to take the whole organisation along on the journey, and that it was much more than just a technical task. I worked closely with Project Plan Services to shape a plan that consisted of technical elements, and also a range of other aspects including process, organisational, training, and Change Management. Over a three month period from a standing start, it became evident that success was going to be achieved working under PPS’s guidance, and the majority of the plan was delivered after six months.

The end result has been exceptional, and Project Plan Services has delivered a range of elements including:

• Programme Management capability where plans inter-link, and Programme Managers can see key dependencies
• A shared resource pool of matrix staff where every line manager understands what their staff are working on, what they should be working on, and what spare capacity they have
• A highly configurable set of resource and plan reports that are detailed, but intuitive and easy to use
• Improved templates planning and reporting templates
• A range of custom views
• An optimal security model
• Embedded cost modelling that is driven by all plans
• Holiday Calendars
• A whole set of user guides, tailored to different groups in the organisation

Vaultex has a highly complex and busy set of projects that sit in a number of different portfolios. After our engagement from Project Plan Services, we are in a much better position to run efficient and effective projects, and we now have a MS Project Server installation that works for us, rather than being a hindrance. I could not recommend PPS more highly.”

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