Construction Planning with Smartsheet

For over a decade, McGovern Design & Build has been creating innovative and high-end residences that delight our clients. McGovern specialise in residential remodel and extension, engaging clients at all stages of the process to specifically meet their needs and achieve their ideal end result. 

McGovern were looking for a simple cost effective solution that would help with the programming and scheduling of Construction Projects. 

What have been the benefits of the Smartsheet? Easier organisation of project planning Helpful reminders on lead times for orders Consolidation of costs for individual projects and comparison across the board over several projects. 

How did PPS help?  “Very accommodating to initial questions/queries of Smartsheet‘s suitability to our organisation. They have helped with the initial programming sheets and tuition on the everyday usage of those sheets. PPS have been very efficient and have a rapid response time which is essential when info/help is required on live projects.” 

Barry McGovern Director